6 months later.


Notable things:

I filed my taxes early and got a fat return in February – it went straight to paying stuff down.
I paid off that Mastercard and Visa.
Coachella is all paid up (and is this weekend, exciting!)

That 401k is growing nicely.
I also started putting money into Stash and Acorns – if anyone reading this wants to comment on any of these two services, please feel free.

I applied and got approved for a new credit card yesterday.
They had a 0% balance transfer offer for 14 months.
I didn’t get approved for a line large enough to cover everything I wanted to transfer, but I will take 0% on 70% of my outstanding CC debt, yes please.

It does get very tiring and frustrating to be constantly working and making all this money and not necessarily getting to enjoy it. Every raise, every side project I finish – almost all of it goes right into the debt hole.

But I do get excited projecting paying that debt down. I visualize myself throwing dollar bills into this deep deep hole, and at the bottom of this hole is poor version of myself. And the more money I throw, the hole starts filling up, and getting shallower and shallower until responsible-me can reach down and pull my poor self out.

And then together fiscally-disciplined self and now-the-wiser self throw the last bits of money into the debt hole and pat it down with shovels, and then we build a house on top of it and live happily ever after.

But seriously! Student loans, car loan, personal loan + credit cards – I’m paying almost $1800/month in payments!
Do you know what I could do with $1800/month?!?! So many things!
I could watch Beauty & the Beast in theatres 100 times.
I could get my nails done twice a day.
Dude, I could just live in a nicer apartment (my rent is super cheap tho, honestly like I’d live here forever except I want a dog eventually).

All exciting ideas. Stupid and irresponsible but entertaining to think about for a few minutes. Realistically tho, I’d probably put most of it away to actually one day, in the not-too-distant future, put a house over the debt hole.
But for now, I’ll just keep throwing my money in it.



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