401k, baby!


i love my place of employment.  i think that some of the best decisions i have ever made were made because my employers offered me the choice.

do you want to work with us full-time?

we’re paying for health coverage, do you want to participate in this plan?

we’re also offering voluntary life insurance, are you interested?

we think it’s important for you to invest towards retirement, do you want to make contributions?

i’m not gonna talk too much about this, i just wanted to say i’m stoked that this money gets taken out of my paycheck so that i never see it. it doesn’t come anywhere near my direct deposit, so i never miss it.  and i can have peace of mind, knowing that i don’t have to keep working until i’m dead.

as of last pay day, i am an INVESTOR.
i have $350 of potential – potential loss, potential gain – but i’ve got time on my side. i think i’m gonna be alright.


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