you win some, you lose some.


i know it’s been a while since i’ve actually posted something with substance. is anyone even reading this?

i went to vegas 2 weeks ago. almost on a whim, but really just on a whole lot of desire. i went to vegas and it was fun.

i’m not a gambler. vegas trips for me usually consist of a lot of day drinking, a lot of dancing, a lot of night drinking, and a lot more dancing. i’m in my 20s still – what do you expect?

i’m not a gambler for reasons that i believe should be obvious:

  • i am, for all intents and purposes, BROKE. and broke people have enough issues already without risking what money they DO have
  • i like HAVING money
  • i don’t like NOT having money
  • i definitely don’t like LOSING money

ahh, but when you’re in Rome, you do as the Romans do, amirite?

i GAMBLED on this trip. i put some cash down on a felted table in return for heavy clay chips and i PLAYED them. and you know what? i had FUN. i played a little, i won a little, i played some more, i lost it all.

but it’s OKAY. because when i say i lost it all, i mean i lost the $40 that i went in with, and the $40 that I had come up. So $80 down, but only $40 burned in my wallet. and that was really OKAY.

because when we got to the tables, i really considered it. i considered whether i actually wanted to play, and i asked myself how much do i want it. what amount of money is this form of entertainment worth to me?  and that answer was $40. because i reasoned that i was on a trip, and that $40 was on the very low end of the scale of how much i would spend on any other activity or excursion anyway.

so i lost $40, and it was no big deal. it was considered, calculated, and all-in-all it was an expected outcome.

i gambled again the next day. i’m sure it goes without saying that gambling is more fun when you win. but even with a different outcome, i still went in with the same mindset. i sat down at the table and i thought, how much am i willing to lose, how much is this game, this time spent in this casino, how much is this worth?

i decided it was worth $60. and the investment had great returns.


i wonder if i can apply this mindset to every transaction i ever make.
how much am i willing to lose for this iced coffee? how much is this 2 hour movie worth?
i think, maybe i already have.

i caught myself today wanting to buy a 2.2 lb of protein powder, but then i thought, for what? $60 dollars for 25 servings of , essentially, chocolate milk?
it wasn’t worth it.


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