2 months in, and holiday excuses.


I feel like I’ve been cheating. But I don’t feel bad about it.

On one hand, I’ve been very good. I’ve been making my 1k towards paying down my consumer debt (or whatever the number is now – it’s been tweaked so many times I think). I updated my numbers in the side bar before starting this post and HEY – I am nearly $4,000 less buried ūüėÄ WHAT? I know, that sounds like bad math. But remember, this is because I factor in student loan and auto loan payments as fixed expenses. 4k is solid progress. I feel good about 4k.

Okay, so let’s get to why I should feel bad (because I don’t actually feel too bad about it) — I’ve used my credit cards. I know, I shouldn’t have. And I know this isn’t a good excuse, but IT’S CHRISTMAS. ¬†And I’m a Giver, and I have a lot of family.
And also, I didn’t even BALL OUT on Christmas. I feel like I kept it very modest. I think all in all, I’ve spent under 1k on Christmas.¬†Does that sound like a lot? Just trust me, I have a LOT of family.

So as of right now, all my cards are once again MAXED. I know. I know – I should feel bad. And actually as I’m typing this out, there is a feeling of guilt settling in.

SO LET ME QUICKLY MOVE ON because dwelling without action solves no problems!

I got my first paycheck at my new pay today (: And fret not, because I had already scheduled my credit card payments and so this morning I Venmo’d my friend some monies for Coachella.
And… well that’s pretty much it. I make more money now, but I don’t plan on ever seeing that money. Not for a while. All that money’s got to go directly towards credit cards and loans.

Fiddled in the spreadsheets today and I am on track to pay off the Mastercard and Coachella in January. By the end of February, Visa2 should be closed out as well.

February’s my birthday month but I think I’m skipping out on making any real plans. I mean, the way I see it I’m still paying off last year’s banger -__- I mean, that’s probably not true but the banger was definitely a notable chunk in all that spending.
I do have a Napa trip in the books. I booked that flight with unused trip credits though so nothing out of pocket as of yet. Of course when the time comes there will be a rental and hotel room and food and wine and wine and wine. So budgeting for that.

With new money, I’m looking at paying about 1600 down every month. I was planning on paying down more, but our company¬†is now offering a 401k plan. No matching ): Instead it’s a profit-sharing plan, which if I’m remembering correctly, means that at the end of the year the company may decide to contribute either a percentage or a dollar amount to employee’s funds. I’m with it. So I’m pooling 12% of my income into that so one day when I’m old and want to retire, I will actually have that option.

In addition to income and savings, I’m dabbling in a little bit of online business. You may have heard of craigslist?¬†I’m looking to sell a handful of things in my apartment. Partly because my apartment is little and my furniture is big. Mostly because I would like to purchase a TV and my couches won’t Tetris together in a seating/viewing configuration that makes sense. ): Good news is I’m confident that I can sell enough to cover 2/3 or more of the TV purchase.

I have some side work coming in  that will be bringing in a one time chunk of change.  But any chunk of change that can be deposited into my bank account is a good chunk of change by me.


You may have come to this conclusion already, but it is only now dawning on me that I have passed the point of having anything interesting or noteworthy to share, if I had ever reached that point at all.

So until next time – peace.


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