Update: 1 month in.


I haven’t been keeping this thing updated regularly.
There are a number of reasons (which can be read “excuses”) for this.  They include:

  • A general lack of motivation to do anything in the weeks following the election
  • A greater interest in activities other than maintaining my blog – interests that include crocheting, cooking, eating, watching Netflix

Now don’t get too excited. I’m not promising that “I’m back” or anything like that. I’m certain that I’ll fall off the blog-wagon again soon, but it has been some time since my last personal finance  post and I think an update is owed.

My credit union denied my debt consolidation loan application. And I’m not at all surprised. I’m not even bummed because I never thought that they would accept it. I have poor credit (it’s actually in the “fair” range, but at the very very low end of it) and I already owe them like 9 thousand dollars for my car. I understand completely for anybody to look at that situation and think Let’s definitely not give this woman another 14k.

Last post I also wrote about a few overdrafts I incurred. No, I don’t have any new ones to write about (*pats self on back*). But I did have a conversation with my gentleman about it.  He gave me really simple and straightforward advice that you might think wouldn’t be necessary considering I’m a college educated adult – but no I actually needed someone to sit me down and tell me I can use my credit cards if I absolutely have an expense that my checking account can’t handle because the interest on the CC is way more affordable than multiple $27 NSF fees.

You know, that’s just some shit they don’t bother to teach you in college.

Okay, so here’s just a round up of some personal finance wins I’ve made in the past month:

  • Up to date on all accounts that previously had past due balances (internet, CareCredit, furniture)
  • Consumer debt down $894.16
    from $14,210.38 to $13,316.22 this is not including what I owe my friend for Coachella)

So I didn’t quite make the $1000 payment down on my debt as planned, but VERY CLOSE !
Hey, I wonder if I can put something in my sidebar that has all my debt at a glance… Will look into that later.

I remain very optimistic about The Plan. I’m too excited about paying off my debt that I don’t worry too much about how I don’t have money to spend on other things.

I suppose I can write an upcoming post, getting real about the emotions that money issues evoke. That’ll be a fun one -__-
Until then, I’m leaving this post off with generally positive feelings.

Also, since I probably won’t post again until after – Happy Thanksgiving and be safe with your Black Friday shopping! People be cray.


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