Post-race thoughts:

If anything, the results of this election has revealed a close mindedness coming from all parties. what scared me the most was seeing how quickly I was to jump to judging those who didn’t share my vote, and seeing that ugliness in myself that was so ready to revert to a primal Us-versus-Them mindset.
There is a huge divide in this country, particularly between the “big cities” along the nations coasts and the rural areas of the “flyover states.” Within one nation, we’re living in completely different worlds – so moving forward I think the question we need to ask is how can we best come to understand the root of each others needs and concerns, underneath all the superficial judgment and harsh language that can sometimes be used to express them?
Personally, I need to stay optimistic and remember that one elected official does not preside over this country alone. We are still a democracy, not a dictatorship. So I’ll be crossing my fingers,hoping for the best and trying to trust the system.
“Let us have faith in each other, let us not grow weary, let us not lose heart.”

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