All the money that I owe.


What are your debts, he says.

I walk away.
Where are you going?
To my laptop. I’ve got a spreadsheet.

We started by going through all the money I owe, from my largest balance and down, the way its sorted in my spreadsheet.
As of 10/24/16:

Student loans: $18,580.60
Auto loan: $9,593.02
Not-so-scary debt total: $28,173.62

Visa1: $7,062.88
Personal loan: $2,858.15
CareCredit: $1,874.50
Furniture: $1,104.98
Visa2: $861.58
Coachella 2017: $610.00
Mastercard: $449.32
Holy-shit-wtf consumer debt total: $14,785.41

Total debt: $42,959.03

Now, I don’t have a transcript from that night. Just a memory of how the conversation generally went, a gist.  So here’s a paraphrase of what he told me:

Student loans, car loans. Those are whatever. I mean, yeah, you have to pay them and you will eventually, but those aren’t bad.
What’s bad is all your credit cards and Coachella, what the fuck.
What are you doing. What are you doing right now to fix this?

I mean I had been doing something, but I’d known that it wasn’t enough.
I don’t really remember saying anything in response.
Next post: We Make A Plan.



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