first follows!


happy sunday morning! 😀
i had meant to go for a small hike this morning, but my phone died in the middle of the night so i didn’t wake up in time.  more on my morning later– this post is just a short update:

according to the notifications from the wordpress app for mobile, Aug 9 was a good day for follows – so thanks to the cool cats below for checking out my humble little blog.  click through the links to visit their blogs also!

  • Jaroslaw –
    Jaroslaw makes his income online, freeing him up to travel all around the world!  You can do the same, if that’s what tickles your fancy, and he’ll tell you how (: 
    Preview some of his amazing trips that he’s been able to afford with his free time and financial security in his post “Relive Twenty One Places & Moments with Me.
    [sidenote: his blogging and other online practices are great examples of good online marketing practices so thanks!]

  • Jade Gregory – Don’t Mind Me, Just Talking to Myself
    An artist out of Princeton, Texas, Jade is currently raising funds to start a food truck operation with a charitable cause.  Her food truck, at every work day’s end, will provide unused consumables to the local homeless.  She blogs about her daily life and the progress on her various projects.  You can support Jade’s fundraising efforts by clicking through here and you can check out her artwork on Facebook

  • Drew –
    Drew is an online marketing consultant [YES!] and his blog is chock full of tips and tidbits of inspiration for an aspiring online marketer such as myself [I see my tags have helped you target your specific audience *scribbles down notes*].  Of course, Drew’s blog has already been added to my RSS reader, but here’s a post all bloggers can find useful:  “Know your audience… How to create a following” because who doesn’t want more followers?

Thank you guys again for the follow!  And for anyone else perusing this post, stop by their blogs, you might find something that inspires you!


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