brunch bust? and my sunday checklist.


this is how i had planned to spend my sunday:

  • hike
  • cook
  • brunch
  • relax
  • study spanish
  • relax some more

as i shortly mentioned earlier, my hike did not work out this morning.  by the time i woke the sun was already too warm for my liking and i was needing to start my preparations for brunch.
our practice hosted a sunday brunch today to serve as a kind of housewarming (the practice just relocated to pacific beach) and also to thank our clients for their business… and also to promote mel’s health coaching services.
for this brunch, i prepared turkey bacon-wrapped egg cups! yum 😀  i did most of the prep last night, which wasn’t very much work at all.  just finely diced up a bell pepper and some stalks of green onion.  baking this morning was a breeze!

my bacon-wrapped egg cups! before they hit the oven.

my bacon-wrapped egg cups! before they hit the oven.

all i had to do was grease a muffin tin, line the sides and bottom of each cup with bacon, scramble some eggs, pour and fill the cups, then sprinkle in some feta and the pre-diced bell pepper and green onion.  bake in 400 degree F oven for 15 minutes and VOÍLA!  i wish i had an after picture.  i do have leftovers so if i take a decent picture, i’ll add it later.

i don’t know if i would call our brunch a “bust,” but it was definitely nowhere near a success.  we promoted this brunch in our newsletter, a month in advance.  we promoted it on our social media.  we made personal calls to our best clients.  we got the word out.
we had confirmation from around 10 people.  we had an attendance of 3. 
we are not a large practice.  this was not a large event.  but we were hoping for more.

in any case, we had our little brunch and toured the new office and gave the presentations.  and after work i headed back home and hung out with the parentals (my boyfriend’s parents, not mine).
brunch, check.  relax, check.  i did my rosetta stone exercises for Spanish (Latin America).  i was starting to get a little frustrated, though, because my microphone would not pick up the hard [h] consonant any time i was pronouncing joyas or joyeria or mujer or mujeres.  I WAS SAYING IT CORRECTLY, DAMMIT! haha (but really /:< ).  study spanish, check.
and then i very promptly decided i would take a nap. más relajación, terminado.

after rising from my slumber, i felt extremely sedentary and dissatisfied and i made the decision to go for a run.  because i really wanted to DO SOMETHING.  as much as i felt like a potato and my whole body wanted to just submit to the laws of inertia (in object at rest tends to stay at rest), i know i wanted to be moving.  the hardest thing is not making the decision to do something, the hardest thing is to get up and actually do it.
i’m glad that i did.  i got up, i changed my clothes, i laced up my running shoes and i got out there.  it was a short 2.25 mi run but action is action, progress is progress.  and now i feel less bad about missing my hike this morning.

so that was my sunday.

dearest readers, how was your weekend?  and do you have any tips on how i might better promote events for better attendance?!  that’s a REALREAL question.  because it’s heartbreaking to host an event and have (almost) nobody show up. 

leave comments, i would greatly appreciate them (:


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