i’m in marketing. i’m a marketer.


i majored in communication without having a real idea of what exactly i wanted to do with my degree, or what i wanted to do at all.  this is what i did know:  i’m a people person, extremely sociable, and genuinely kind.  i always wanted to be the helpful person, the person to tell you about this fun event happening that i think you’d like, or introduce you to this person because you have similar interests, or tell you about this tool that will make your life so much easier.
i’d worked part-time as a personal assistant and i found it fulfilling to know that my work, although mindless at times, was really doing something to make someone else’s life easier and more enjoyable.  despite that i could see myself being doing an amazing job, i did not want to be a personal assistant as a career, even if at the executive level.  i wanted to do something for myself.

me and my boss melody at our first quarter-planning meeting together in june.

so what am i doing now?
i’m an assistant -__-  no, but wait!  i’m not just a personal assistant, i’m a marketing admin assistant.  so while i do also take care of things like refilling the water cooler and making coffee runs, i also get to do big girl things like manage the social media accounts and publish our bi-weekly newsletter.  so my work is not just mindless, i am actually responsible for things, and i have this great opportunity to learn about today’s marketing industry and take part in it!  is that not exciting to you?  it’s exciting to me.

on top of this, the genuinely kind person that i am is emotionally invested in the success of my employer’s practice.  i’m blessed to have a great boss who is supportive, encouraging, and patient.  the both of us are just learning about the marketing world, and she’s constantly encouraging me to dive deeper and learn more.  she sends me invitations to webinars, seminars, and other available resources that she stumbles upon and it’s great.
so with an employer as good as she is, i have to be the best employee that i can be and return the favor by doing my job as best as possible and getting her more business.

of course, i do a good job because it’s my JOB and i am financially invested in the success of the practice as well, but it’s my emotional investment, really, the fuels my determination.

i guess i just work that way.

so i need to be a better marketer.  and i’ve been trying out new tools and practices on my personal accounts in social media to get a better understanding of things so i can utilize them to greater potential for the practice.  this blog, for example, is one way i’m practicing producing content.  of course this content isn’t so much audience-targeted as is it a method of documenting my life, but it’s a start.  with this, i am at least getting used to producing content regularly.

once i had finished my finals i was refreshed with this new fervor to fully engage in all my endeavors.  i downloaded this RSS reader for my browser and searched the best marketing blogs to follow, mainly social media and inbound.  and then i also searched the best physical therapy blogs to follow, because i really need to familiarize myself with this field.  it’s not MY field, but it’s the field i’ll be promoting so maybe it is my field, once-removed?
Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.07.11 AM

and now that i’ve done that i’m going through my reader at least once a day, reading at least 5 articles, and learning nifty tips and tricks that will engage our audience, optimize our search engine rankings, generate more leads.
and all of this is very exciting.  i feel like i’m actually LEARNING something.  i spent five years in college and off the top of my head i can think of 5 courses that i feel really taught me something USEFUL.  and here i am in the real world learning about something that matters to me and using that knowledge to make a difference and produce results.  that’s so REAL.  hashtag-this-is-real-life. hashtag-life-is-good.

image courtesy of How Joyful.

what i love most about this is that not only am i going to be a better employee and build a more profitable business for my boss, but i’ll also be a better self.

in my recent past i’ve felt like i have no hobbies, no interests, no passions.  but that’s changed now.  one of my interests is marketing.  my hobbies include keeping up with marketing trends and putting them to practice.

i used to say: the easiest way to do what you love is to love what you do.

i decided to really embrace my work and really delve deep.  i’m going to love what i do, so i can do what i love.  in my past post i said: when you don’t enjoy something, that something becomes increasingly difficult to do.  the opposite is true as well.  when you love something, it’s much easier to execute and excel.


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