there has to be a first post.


even if they fall short of expectations, firsts are always epic simply because they are brand new shining examples of what has never been done before.

this is the first post of not-my-first blog.  i’ve had many blogs that saw a spasm and spurt of posts before flatlining into the internet-abyss.  this blog, hopefully, will have a fate different from those blogs of my past.  i’ve been inspired to start this blog to document my post-undergrad adventures.  and when i say adventures i’m really only referring to those things that i do in my everyday life.  i don’t have any exciting travels planned, i won’t be backpacking through europe or teaching english in japan.  perhaps like many freshly graduated 20-something year olds i’m out of school with no real solid plans.  but instead of wondering where my life will take me i want to be making decisions about where i will take my life.

let me talk honestly for a second.  and i’ll try to be as candid as possible while typing (just be aware that i cannot stand typos).
i am extremely excited to be done with school.  i haven’t enjoyed the school part of college since my second-year, and when you don’t enjoy something that something becomes increasingly difficult to do. college was very hard for me.  i was just not motivated to attend classes and complete assignments and my performance was always borderline satisfactory unless by miracle a course or professor had engaged me.  so being done with school lifts a ginormous load of misery off my shoulders.

like most, i believe, having this huge milestone behind me leaves me at a crossroads with a small cloud of anxiety hovering over me.  that milestone cost a lot of money and put me in quite a bit of debt, and that’s putting it lightly.  i try not to worry too much about it because part of the plan is to acquire a well-paying job to assist in paying that milestone off.

i do feel a little bit like a deadbeat with a degree.  currently i’m living out of my boyfriend’s parents house.  i’m incredibly gracious to them for letting me stay.  aside from student-debt i also struggle with your run-of-the-mill credit card debt and IOUs, so not having to pay for rent is a godsend while i try to get my head above water.  and i really do need to shake that feeling of self-loathing off because my life is actually pretty sweet.
i’m a lucky one.  i landed a job as a marketing admin for a physical therapy practice shortly before finishing school (about 2 months ago).  it is a part-time job, and i have very little marketing experience, but the opportunity to learn through practice is exciting to me.  and if i do my job right, this could move to full-time.  and if i do my job right, i could open more doors, more opportunities.

okay so back to where i want to take my life:
my “plan” isn’t all career-oriented.  i’m just not the kind of person who will find whole-life satisfaction by career-success.  while i am the kind of person who can fully devote myself to my work (if i truly find happiness in my work), i need to be happy with all the parts of my life that really matter

my boss, the physical therapist, is also a certified health coach with Take Shape for Life.  TSFL has this tool which they use to assess optimal health.  they include on it body, mind, and finances.
so while finances is definitely important, it is not the only thing that matters.

here is the short list i made for myself – things i want to do now that i’m done with college:

-be a better marketer.
-speak spanish.
-exercise creativity.

in the next few posts, i’ll break down these list items.  why do i want this, why is it important to me, how will i benefit, etc., etc.
over time, if this blog survives, we’ll see my progress on these list items, and we’ll probably see this list be amended and transformed over time.

so this is the first post.
as i said, the first is always epic even when it falls short.  one day i might look back on this post and wonder why i didn’t use proper capitalization (because i’m writing casually, and in casual activities i stray away from formalities such as proper capitalization), or what i had even planned to achieve by documenting my life activities.  but if this blog ever becomes something great, i will look back and see that this first post started it all.


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